Site Rules

  • NHGPC Site Rules : (Do this, Do that!!!)
    1/ Current membership of the BHPA is mandatory when flying at any of our sites.
    2/ An area is designated active when the tow coach says that it is, or where it is
    clearly in use. If in doubt please ask.
    3/ For your and the flying pilots safety no one may access the active flight line
    (active winch line) either by car or on foot without first obtaining winch operator
    permission via the radio (there is one available at the caravan). NEVER enter
    an active flight line during a winch launch!
    4/ Winches can be dangerous – Please approach winches from the rear only.
    Only appropriately qualified people may operate the winches.
    5/ Only appropriately qualified people may act as launch marshal.
    6/ The wearing of helmets is mandatory when flying with the club at any of our
    7/ The use of wheels on hang gliders is mandatory when flying off the winch or
    Aero tow
    8/ Footwear providing ankle protection is highly recommended when flying.
    9/ Only those rated to drive the quad may do so.
    Take extra care if transporting others on the quad.
    If at all possible, avoid driving the vehicle on the concrete and unmade roads,
    if it is necessary to do so then drive slowly to save the tyres.
    The quad is expensive to maintain – please take care of it.
    10/ No driving of cars on active rigging areas. (We’ve had several
    expensive damages!)
    11/ Parking is permitted only in the designated areas adjacent to the caravan;
    once you have dropped your kit at launch please park your car at the caravan.
    12/ No smoking in caravan, launch / rigging areas and winch area.
    All cigarette buts must be taken away and discarded safely (not on the field).
    13/ All rubbish must be taken away. (Please do this even if the rubbish is not
    yours, thank you).
    14/ Dogs must be kept under control at all times and any mess made by them
    cleared up, please keep dogs off the furniture.

    15/ When driving near the field please help to foster good relations with the locals
    by driving courteously, slowly and with all due respect for others. Slow
    down for horses, dog walkers, blind corners and other traffic.
    16/ Our club areas should be enjoyable and relaxing. Please do not ignore the
    safety rules, which are there to make life and flying more enjoyable and safer
    for all. Ignoring the rules will result in someone having to ‘re-educate’ you and
    this can ruin that poor person’s day!
    17/ Please be aware that on thermic days’ tow conversion ttraining will be
    undertaken early morning i.e. 7.30am to around 11am at which time those
    pilots looking to undertake Cross Country flights will take priority. This will
    last between 11am through to 2.30pm after which time further tow
    conversion training can recommence.
    Where there are no pilots wishing to undertake Cross Country flights tow
    conversion/training will continue throughout the day.
    18/ Winch Log books to be completed after checking each winch is in working
    Areas to check: a) Oil and petrol is okay if not top up
    b) Clutch light working
    c) Guillotine
    d) Brakes for the winch drums
    e) Check Wheel chucks are available
    f) Fire extinguisher is in date
    g) Starts and idles okay
    h) Check weak links for damage and integrity – if in doubt
    change the weak link
    I) Check all drogues are serviceable and attached
    appropriately to the leader
    Date, print and sign name of winch OPERATOR undertaking these checks
    On some occasions the committee may invite non club members to come
    and fly in Norfolk. These pilots will have extensive experience in
    Paragliding and possibly other aviation diciplines. Where this is the case
    there will be no charge for those pilots and it is expected the club will
    receive good reviews via popular media and so encourage new members
    to join the club.
    End of day pack up.
    Please help to clear the field and pack away the equipment at the end of the flying day.
    Usually a few people are left to do all the work – please help wherever possible even
    where you feel the “mess” wasn’t of your doing.
    Packed away and placed in hangar.
    Batteries removed and placed on charge (being careful not to cross connect leads).- is
    this still relevant??
    Fuel Gerry cans safely stowed away.
    All windsocks placed in caravan.
    General tidy up and litter removal.
    Washing up done.
    All windows secure.
    All chairs, signage and canvas for ‘H’ sign placed inside.
    Rubbish bin emptied.
    Gas bottle inside.
    Check area outside for litter.
    Caravan locked.
    Radios placed in case with headsets and batteries.
    Launch log placed in with radios
    Quad extension poles removed and quad in hangar with key removed.
    Warning and greeting signs placed in caravan.
    Roll up and secure “winching in progress” (H) sign in rigging area.
    Log Books:
    The Tow Coach running the field on any given day will be responsible for updating
    member’s flights, tows and collate tow tokens received or indeed tow tokens that
    need to be paid for. This will be submitted to the Membership Secretary who in
    turn will forward to the Club Treasurer.