NHGPC Paragliding Accuracy

NHGPC welcomes accuracy pilots and members we now own out own accuracy target.

The 2016 were held at NHGPC on the 24 & 25th September dispite the poor forecast Sunday Morning proved flyable and we managed to get in 30 flights before 10am.

Club League Table.

Pilot NameDate SiteRound Total
Mark Bignal29/30th October 2016NHGPC4.27
Darren Barter 29/30th October 2016NHGPC10.59
Voytek Voy29/30th October 2016NHGPC19.79
Lennie Pincher 29/30th October 2016NHGPC25.86
Jason Harper29/30th October 2016NHGPC32.60
Sue Kay 29/30th October 2016NHGPC35.11
Martin Kay29/30th October 2016NHGPC35.17
Carl Foster29/30th October 2016NHGPC41.20
Andy Tilsey29/30th October 2016NHGPC67.98