Non Flying / Social Membership BACS

We welcome BHPA Non-Flyers to join our club, with various events held throughout the year this is great way for partners and family to get involved , The non-flyers annual membership is £10. (£0.54 Paypal fee if paying online). To Apply for a Non-Flying Membership please fill in the membership application below.

Annual Non-Flying Social Membership Application.

Terms & Conditions
I confirm that I am a current member of the British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (BHPA), BHPA membership will be current during my membership of NHGPC and I shall abide by BHPA rules so as to be covered by BHPA 3rd party insurance policy.
I understand that in the event of any accident or incident which occurs during a club activity, directly caused by my actions (even when acting on advice given by others), no claim may be made by me, my estate or on my behalf against Norfolk Paragliding and Hangliding Club,any of its Officers, Coaches or Members, or against any Landowner and/or Site Operator. I furthermore understand that I may be held liable by the injured party for any damage or loss, resulting from any accident or incident occurring during a club activity, directly caused by my actions (even when acting on advice given by others).
I understand that hang gliding and paragliding are adventure sports that contain an element of risk that may result in serious injury or my death.
NHGPC its personal membership details on a computerised database that is password protected, but accessible from the Internet.
I understand that my details will be included in a membership list, and circulated to all members, and other parties to whom disclosure is required such as Landowners and/or Site Operators. I understand that membership of the NHGPC is conditional upon me agreeing to this disclosure.

I have read the above paragraph and agree to NHGPC's Terms and Conditions of Membership I agree*